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1. I'm not using my membership. Can I give it to my friend to use? Memberships are non-transferrable or sharable. Only the individual whos name is on the account can use the membership.

2. Do you sell day passes? We are a membership-based facility. All guest must be member-sponsored (meaning a member must come and utilize the facility with the guest). Member-sponsored guests may pay $10 per visit to utilize the facility as a guest.

3. I have old paper guest passes. Are you accepting those? Yes, are currently accepting old guest passes at any time without member-sponsorships. Individuals must check in at the front desk and sign a waiver prior to using the facility.

4. What are your pool hours? Our competition pool is open every day for lap swim. Hours are often fairly consistent, but can vary slightly depending on programming such as swim lessons, swim & dive meets, and group exercise classes. Our Family Pool hours are determined by lifeguard availability, because we need at least 4 lifeguards at one time in order to safely open the family pool. We typically have an average of 3 Family Swim times per week. During Family Swim, all the water features are on and all ages are welcome. You can find hours for both pools on our schedules page under the facility tab, or at this link:

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