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Group fitness classes are led by trained and experienced instructors who are able to guide members through exercises to help them accomplish their goals. All classes last 45 minutes.


The calendar year is divided into three seasons for group fitness: Fall, Winter, and Summer. Each group fitness season includes a mixture of land classes and water classes. 

All group fitness classes require registration for each individual class in order to participate. Members may register through the FAC mobile app (find out more about the app HERE), the online portal, or by calling or stopping at the front desk.  Registration for each individual class opens up 1 week in advance. 

The current class schedule can be found by clicking on the button below. Scroll down to for pricing and registration details.



Individual Class


If you do not purchase a monthly Class Pass, you will be charged $10 per class each time you register.

Class Pass

Unlimited access to regular Group Fitness land and water classes offered on monthly calendar.  

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