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Group fitness classes are led by trained and experienced instructors who are able to guide members through exercises to help them accomplish their goals. All classes last 45 minutes.


The calendar year is divided into three seasons for group fitness: Fall, Winter, and Summer. Each group fitness season includes a mixture of land classes and water classes. 

All group fitness classes require registration for each individual class in order to participate. Members may register through the FAC mobile app (find out more about the app HERE), the online portal, or by calling or stopping at the front desk.  Registration for each individual class opens up 1 week in advance. 

Classes cost $4 per class if purchased individually. Members may also purchase a 10 class package for $30 or a quarterly unlimited package for $55. 

The current class schedule can be found by clicking on the button below. Scroll down to for a description of classes. 


Active Strength: Incorporates all elements of fitness, helping you to building strength, flexibility and balance in a fun and supportive group environment.

*Cardio Combo:  Combination of dance aerobics and country dance to move your body with music with some strength challenges for total body fun.

*Cardio Drum: This a fun today body fusion of drumming, stability ball, cardio and strength.  All fitness levels! Flexibility and balance will also be incorporated while letting the music help to move you to the beat AND the next level!


Chair Fit: Yoga in a chair is for anyone who has wanted to try yoga, but didn’t want to get down on the floor or do standing poses. This class included breathing, meditation, stretching, strength and a lot of fun while sitting on a chair.

*Circuit Bootcamp: This full body workout builds strength and endurance using a variety of apparatuses.  Each station is 1 minute and taught for all levels.

Easy Does It: A gentle fitness class designed for those who are starting out, getting back into exercise, or need some extra care. This class will focus on learning how to have a good quality of life, through strength, balance and mobility.

Framework True fitness starts from the ground up.  This class focuses on alignment of the structural elements of the body, and includes strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular training while improving balance and coordination. 

Pickleball Fitness: Prepare yourself for the demanding game of Pickleball.  Target agility, balance, flexibility, and coordination by working through movement patters designed to both improve you game and lower the risk of injury.

Pilates Fusion: is a muscle-sculpting class that focuses on core strength while offering deep stretching for flexibility. 

*Step-N-Strength: Choreographed simple patters on and off the step to improve cardio fitness and coordination.

TRX Training: Learn how to move and thrive in your life using the suspension trainer and more. Focus on the functional movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat, rotate, plank, carry, walking!

Yoga: Geared towards those who want to be challenged. Alignment, breathing and poses taught at an intermediate pace.

Deep Water: Improve your cardiovascular system while building strength and flexibility while suspended. Avoid wear and tear on your joints. A flotation belt is always offered but not necessary. Meets in the dive well of the comp pool.

Gentle Waves: Learn how to keep moving beyond therapy or joint replacement. You will increase your strength, range of motion and endurance all while having fun!

Shallow Water: This class will help you develop stronger muscles, endurance and flexibility. This is a great introduction to water training for everyone. Meets in the Family Pool.

Water Warriors: A challenging deep water workout. Balls, kickboards and weights will be used.  Goggles are recommended. This workout is designed for swimmers who want a water challenge. Meets in the competition pool.

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