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Specialty Classes

Shallow Water Power Up

Try this specialty shallow water exercise class!

Grab your water aerobic shoes and get ready for a HIGH INTENSITY aqua aerobics workout in the shallow water. This class will include interval training, plyometrics and power moves to promote cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance and overall flexibility.

Session 1 : May 2nd - 23rd

Session 2 : May 30th - June 20th

Registration Open! 

Kick Off to Summer Series

This Series will be instructed by Erin Clink and offers a range of options with a different focus each week including Upper Body, Lower Body, Pump'n Tone, Body Weight Exercises and Weight Room.  This class will be using resources in the weight room and will be a great challenge for anyone looking for that pre summer pump up. 

May 29th - June 26th

Registration Open!

Total Body Challenge

This series will be instructed by Deb Spiner and include 6 classes.  Each week the class will be presented with a new challenge including exercise using weighted bars, stability bars, small ball range of motion, Tabata, resistance bands, and hand weights. Each class will offer a unique 35 minute work out perfect for all fitness levels and you can register for one or all of the classes. Are you up for the challenge?

Coming in July


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