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Specialty Classes

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FAC Intern Lexi Morello is completing her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at Grand Valley State University.  She will be providing a free seminar for FAC Members as part of her internship on December 12th.  This seminar will focus on the gut's roll in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You will understand the guts role in physical and mental health through the gut-brain connection and how to maintain a healthy gut through nutrition interventions.  There will be opportunities for 1 : 1 consults after the seminar for individual questions. 

Registration is required and spaces are limited, call us at 616-847-5858 to reserve your spot.


Cardio Golf with Britni Gielow

In a Cardiogolf workout, you willl earn golf specific warm ups, exercises for strength, flexibility and endurance, swing drills for more power and speed, and fixes for swing faults.It accommodates every golfer regardless of gender, age, and skill level or fitness level.

Basics Mindset Training

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The Basics Mindset improves confidence, resilience, commitment and attitude. Coach McGannon introduces and teaches 4 tools for mental strength, tools that are well known but overwhelmingly underutilized. Like any skill, if these tools are practiced, they become sharper, creating an ability to basically handle ANY outcome, good or bad.

Call FAC to register. 

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